Belling range hoods come in a variety of styles, finishes and colours to compliment your kitchen. Belling range hoods contain an efficient electrical fan that helps to remove cooking smells and steam from the air around your oven.

Belling range hoods have two options for removing the air:

  1. 1. They can exhaust the air outside, removing it efficiently and removing airborne particulates from the kitchen.

  2. 2. They can reticulate the air. As some New Zealand homes don't have the option to vent the air directly outside, there is another option offered by Belling to recirculate the air back into the kitchen after removing cooking smells through a carbon filtration system. Do note that this method will recirculate heat and moisture back into the kitchen. Recirculating the air will involve purchasing carbon filters. The filters cannot be washed or recycled and will have to be replaced about every 6 months to ensure efficient operation of the range hood.

A key specification to look for when choosing your range hood is the maximum air extraction. Belling range hoods will have 3 or 4 fan speeds. The max air extraction is measured on the highest fan speed in m³/h. This refers to the level of air extracted through the range hood every hour, the larger the extraction the more effective the range hood is at removing cooking smells and steam. Belling range hoods extract air at 756, 800 and 947m³/h.

Another key consideration is the width of a range hood. Belling gives the option for 60 and 90cm. The wider the range hood typically the greater the air extraction the unit will be capable of. The rule of thumb Belling recommends is to match the width of your cooking top it will sit above e.g. if you have a 90cm cook top, a 90cm wide range hood will suffice.

To get the most efficient, effective operation of your Belling range hood, turn it on a few minutes before you start cooking to allow the air in your room to circulate and move around the range hood. Opening a window slightly in the kitchen or dining room will also assist the extraction of air. After cooking, leave the range hood on for a couple of minutes to fully clear the range hood of any lingering airborne particulates. This will make for a great cooking experience without the lingering smells, heat and steam.

All Belling range hoods hold a domestic warranty of 3 years.

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