Make life easier on yourself and spend time doing what you want by getting a dishwasher to do your dishes for you. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your chores done for you?  You will still need to load the dishes and detergent then turn it on but it is a simple push of a button. Belling dishwashers have many additional functions including: electronic controls, delay wash functions, hidden elements, adjustable baskets, cutlery shelf, drying function and child lock.  Or express your personality with a custom coloured door.

Belling dishwashers will have a standard width of 60cm. Dishwashers are often measured by place settings, Belling dishwashers have a generous 14-15 place settings, enough for a family meal worth of dishes. Detergent is a key decision when setting your dishwasher up. The detergent will help dissolve food and has abrasives in it that can disintegrate the intensely stuck on marks without wearing down the dish. You can't use any detergent as some produce too many suds and others are so harsh they can cause damage. Check out your local supermarket for dishwasher intended detergent.

Top dishwasher tips in NZ

  • Don't use sink soap or detergent as the suds will overflow the dishwasher.
  • As the water needs to be sprayed up from the bottom onto the dishes, don't overload the dishwasher preventing all your dishes from being cleaned.
  • Don't put wood, cast iron, fine china, crystal or hand-painted dishes into the dishwasher. Wash these items by hand.
  • Keep similarly shaped products separated as when they fit together nicely it prevents water from reaching all parts of the dish.
  • Use the dishwasher late at night as the water pressure will be higher as you're not using it for other cleaning and the power consumption is more cost effective.
  • Your dishes should have bits of food left on them before the dishwasher starting as this maintains an appropriate PH level in the water. Although larger food pieces should be put in the garbage.
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