Induction Cooktops and Electric Cooktops

Induction Cooktops and Electric Cooktops

What is an Induction Cooktop?

Induction cooktops are the latest in cooktop technology and could revolutionise the way you cook. Unlike a traditional cooktop, an induction cooker will heat up your pan or pot almost immediately – providing responsive and easily controlled heat when and where you need it.

Why Would I Choose an Induction Cooktop?

When an electric cooktop is turned on, it will slowly heat up to the desired level, usually dictated by a number selected on the control panel. If you need to adjust the heat further, it requires patience and a level of need-anticipation, as the heat source will take a certain amount of time to adjust. Electric hobs never took off in commercial kitchens, because quick temperature response times are demanded not just for quick cooking times, but also the precision required for certain foods and sauces. As a result, gas hobs have had a place in the majority of commercial kitchens for decades, due to their responsive and intuitive nature. However, chefs have recently begun to turn their attention to the induction cooktop, as there are several benefits to induction cooking. 


Unlike electric cooktops, one you have placed your cooking vessel on the element, it will be ready to cook in less time than it takes to finish cutting that onion! Because the cooktop heats up the element directly, there is little time wasted waiting for the heat to transfer from the element to the vessel. This makes cooking times shorter, boiling times faster and temperature changes almost instant. In some ways, this is doing for the stovetop what the microwave did for the oven!


If you’re used to adjusting the gas flow as you cook, then this new way of temperature control may take some time to adjust to, but once you do you’ll wonder how you ever managed before! Without the risk of losing the flame completely at low temperatures, this makes precision cooking a breeze! When you hear that some chefs have referred to induction cooking as ‘cook by numbers’ it gives you an idea of how straightforward it really is.

Green Cooking

As we become more aware of how or daily activities affect the environment around us, it becomes more and more important to take steps to minimise the damage we do. With a lower power usage than a regular electric cooktop, and none of the fumes given off by gas elements, induction cooktops are a far greener option for all.

Less Heat Wastage

If you’ve ever used a small cooking vessel on a large element, you will have experienced that sense of wastefulness as the heat is left to heat up the handle, the air, your hand – all things that don’t need to be heated, while the element keeps firing away. With induction cooktops, this is never an issues – any part of the element left uncovered by the pan or pot will remain cool. This is because the heating process requires direct contact with steel or iron to trigger the magnetically created heat.

Safe Around the Whole Family

Because of the absence of hot elements, and no risk of gas leakages, these cooktops are a very safe option for families of all ages. This also makes them ideal and comfortable for the smallest kitchens, as less ventilation is required.