Eat My Lunch

Belling is a proud supporter of the Eat My Lunch initiative!

Belling is a proud supporter of the Eat My Lunch initiative!

Helping kiwi kids who would otherwise go without

Eat My Lunch are working to provide Kiwi children with lunches who would otherwise go without. Their model of Buy One, Give One makes it so easy for anyone to contribute through the purchase of something as simple as a lunch.

Eat My Luch cooking with Belling

A group of children have been invited to the Eat My Lunch kitchen to help educate on healthy eating, but also to make cooking fun with Belling!

Harvey Norman Cooking Academy

The Harvey Norman Cooking Academy is where the world of appliances, cooking and Eat My Lunch come together. The cooking academy aims to promote new Belling appliances and provide training to Harvey Norman team members from across the country.

Generously hosted at the Eat My Lunch facility

The Cooking Academy is where attendees gain a better understanding of the initiative to support Kiwi kids across New Zealand. Towards the end of each session, hot delicious food is served straight out of colourful Richmond Range Cookers!

Discover the Belling cooking range

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