The rapid light flickers quickly

  • Longer inlet time >>> Faucets is not opened, or water intake is restricted, or water pressure is too low.

The rapid and 90 min light flickers quickly

  • Not reaching required temperature >>> Malfunction of heating element.

The glass light flickers quickly

  • Overflow >>> Some element of dishwasher leaks.

  • Are the filters clean? >>> Remove, clean and refit.
  • Can you hear the drain pump running? >>> Yes >>> Book a service call.
  • Can you hear the drain pump running? >>> No - Is there power to the unit? Is it switched on? Is the door closed? >>> If yes to all the above book service call.
  • Is the unit newly installed? >>> Spigot drain could be blocked underneath sink. Please check that there is a hole drilled out in spigot bend to allow water to come through. If there is no hole refer to your installer non warranty issue. 


Other possible causes

  • Squashed drain hose
  • Blocked drain hose
  • Spigot not properly drilled out
  • Foreign object in drain pump
  • Drain hose not at correct height

  • Water leaking from the front of the machine >>> Remove the spray arm and run finger nail along the edge of the join in the spray arm. If there is a split, a new spray arm is required.
  • Water leaking from the rear of the machine >>> Turn off water supply and book a service call.

  • Fuse blown, or the circuit break tripped >>> Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker. Remove any other appliances sharing the same circuit with the dishwasher.
  • Power supply is not turned on >>> Make sure the dishwasher is turned on and the door is closed securely. Make sure the power cord is properly plugged into the wall socket.
  • Water pressure is low >>> Check the water supply is connected properly and the water is turned on.
  • Door of dishwasher not properly closed >>> Make sure to close the door properly and latch it.

  • Twisted or trapped drain hose >>> Check the drain hose.
  • Filter clogged >>> Check coarse the filter.
  • Kitchen sink clogged >>> Check the kitchen sink to make sure it is draining well. If the problem is the kitchen sink that is not draining, you may need a plumber rather than a serviceman for the dishwasher.

  • Not enough detergent was dispensed >>> Use more detergent, or change your detergent.
  • Items are blocking the movement of the spray arms >>> Rearrange the items so that the spray can rotate freely.
  • The filter combination is not clean or is not correctly fitted in the base of the wash cabinet. This may cause the spray arm jets to get blocked. >>> Clean and/or fit the filter correctly. Clean the spray arm jets.
  • The dishes were not loaded correctly >>> Visit 'How To Use' guide for tips on loading your dishwasher.
  • The program was  not powerful enough >>> Select a more intensive program.

  • Improper loading >>> Load the dishwasher as suggested in 'How To Use' guide.
  • Too little rinse-aid >>> Increase the amount of rinse-aid / refill the rinse-aid dispenser.
  • Dishes are removed too soon >>> Do not empty your dishwasher immediately after washing. Open the door slightly so that the steam can come out. Don't take out the dishes until the inside temperature is safe to touch. Unload the lower basket first to prevent the dropping water from the upper basket.

Check that nothing is obstructing the spray arms.


If you can't resolve the problem yourself, you can contact us by clicking here.