How To Use

Unsure of the functionality of each oven on your Belling range cooker? Please click to discover which oven each functionality relates to.

Grill function

  • The door MUST BE OPEN when using the grill function

1. Turn the top oven control knob to the required grill setting.

2. For 90cm select a Low, Medium, or High grill. For 110cm select half or full grill, and using a separate control knob select grill intensity (1-8, 1 being lowest).

Top Oven

  • The top oven is a conventional oven using a top and bottom element only, no fan.

1. Turn the temperature control knob until the required temperature is selected.

2. The white thermostat indicator will come on until the selected temperature is reached, and then go off. It will turn on and off periodically as the thermostat operates to maintain the selected temperature.

3. To switch off, return the top oven control knob to the off position.

  • If using this oven in a manual setting, ensure the programmable clock is in manual mode (M) appears.

Using the multifunction oven (ensure you are using a temperature and a function in order for the oven to work)

1. Use the function control knob to select the function you wish to use - see the functions table for details.
Note: You can change function during cooking if you wish, as long as the oven is in manual mode.

2. Turn the temperature control knob to the temperature you wish to use.

  • The thermostat indicator will come on to show that the oven is heating, and once the temperature is achieved, it will go out.
  • To switch off the oven, simply turn the control knob back to the ‘•‘ position.

  • Food can be left to cook unattended for several hours and will keep hot for several hours if left covered, without spoiling for a further 2-3 hours, so foods can be left to cook while you are out for the day, or over night.
  • Turn the oven on and preheat for 20 minutes.
  • Always place the prepared cooking pot centrally on the base of the oven.

When using the upper and lower ovens at different temperatures, use the upper oven at the higher temperature and the lower oven at the lower temperature. The table below shows the minimum temperature that can be achieved in the lower oven when the upper oven is in use. For example with the upper oven at 200°C, the minimum temperature that can be used in the lower oven is 120°C. It is recommended when cooking in the top section of the oven, a low temperature is put on bottom section as well to avoid a build up of condensation.

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