The Belling Baker

Hi my name is Nancy and I am addicted to food… (every one respond “Hiiiii Nancy”)

I have been an addict for about 37ish years, pretty much since my grandmother carried me in a sling on her back, proper Chinese style, while she cooked in the kitchen.  I love desserts and baking. Sunday night was baking night in my household, I still remember the smell and importantly the taste.  Food, if I am not making it or eating it I am reading about it or watching it.    Yes I am an addict.

I am self taught, family taught, television taught and thankfully professionally taught.  Since my graduation from MIT school of Baking and Patisserie a few years ago, I have been cooking in Belling ovens and on Belling cooktops, I love the design the colours and the result they give me.  Belling are behind all my great meals.