Insert Bread Pun here

Insert Bread pun here

I read recently that these days you can’t get a recipe without first reading someone’s life story.  So in the spirit of that, here is my life story………kidding

Cut to the chase, this post, PIZZA BREAD…. FANCY PIZZA BREAD

Basic Pizza Dough
1 Cup of tepid water, the temperature should be slightly warmer than your own finger
5 grams of instant yeast
½ teaspoon of Sugar
1 tablespoon of good olive oil

Mix the above in a large bowl and let it sit for about ten minutes until it gets frothy

Add to the bowl
2 Cups of plain flour and a teaspoon of salt and mix to form a wet dough

Tip onto a clean bench and use another cup of flour to knead until the dough is soft and springy about 7 minutes.

Place back in the bowl and cover, let it sit and prove for about an hour or until it doubles in size.

In the meantime prepare your fillings
I have used, sundried tomatoes, feta, salami and pesto (See previous blog for pesto recipe)
Once your dough has doubled in size, tip onto a clean bench with a dusting of flour and roll out into a rectangle

Spread out your fillings in a single layer starting with the pesto then from the long end of the dough, roll into a long cylinder like a swiss roll.
Lay out on a greased tray and slice it long ways down the middle, be careful as the filling will spill out if you have over filled. Then gently twist the two parts around each other to form a bread rope.
Let the bread sit for about half an hour for the final prove. It will grow again in size.
Preheat your oven on fan bake to 200 degrees.
Once the oven reaches temperature, put your bread in for 30 – 40 minutes until it is golden and makes your home smell amazing. Drizzle with olive oil and enjoy!

A couple of hints and tips
- If your yeast doesn’t froth it is probably too old and you will need to get new yeast.
- Add salt with the final lot of flour, yeast is not friends with Salt, sugar and yeast however are BFF’s
- Try roasted garlic or preserved peppers
- Instead of making a loaf, slice your dough cylinder into pinwheels, great for lunches and picnics.