Eggs are like the perfect cup of tea

Everyone’s version is different, depending on what we like and how we have been taught to make it.  My mother’s eggs seem to have more butter than eggs but are oh so delicious!  I prefer an omelette, so this week we are going to talk about the perfect omelette.

We start with two eggs, preferably free range, your choice of fillings, a little water, salt and pepper….WHAT! Water?! Yes it adds a lightness to the egg, no need for milk here. 

You can be adventurous with your fillings and have whatever you please.  Sometimes I have what I call a fridge omelette, which is basically whatever is in the fridge, left over meats, veges, last night’s roast, cheese, the last inch in the bottom of the tomato sauce bottle.  I suggest with raw vegetables cook them quickly in the pan with a light spray of oil, no one wants a raw onion in your eggs.

Crack your eggs in a bowl, take one half of the egg shell and put a little water in it, add this to your eggs and season to taste and whisk.


Heat your fry pan to a medium heat, I do these on a 6 on the induction top.  Spray with a little oil or butter.   You don’t want the heat to be too high or you will brown the eggs and they will go rubbery. To me, the perfect omelette is light in colour and the egg is still a little wobbly in the middle. 

Gently slide your egg mixture into the hot pan and let it cook for a few seconds, now take a spatula and pull the cooked edges towards the middle allowing the raw egg to gracefully fill the gap you have made, tilt the pan if you need to, then you will get an evenly cooked omelette.

Take your previously prepared fillings and evenly spread across one half of the egg.

Once the egg stops running and has just a little shine on it, carefully fold the unfilled half over and give it another ten seconds to heat your filling or melt your cheese if you added any.

Now you can serve up.  Slide onto a plate and garnish if you like with parsley or chives, I don’t because I find garnishing takes time I could spend eating it.

An easy meal that is fast to prepare and tasty to eat.  Add a few pieces of toast or simply that perfect hot cup of tea, strong with two sugars for me thanks!